Apache running under wrong user

Hi, I have tried to search this forum, but haven't found the answer.

I have to say that I am pretty newbie on Linux as well.

I have installed a Centos 5.2 64bits server . I patch the server, and run the installation script.

Everything is working perfect. But when I upload files to a new vhost, the umask is set to 0644 which would be perfect. But the problem is that when I tried to install Wordpress for example. the automatic script installation does work.

When I change to 0755 I am able to run it. And I notice afterwards that the file being generate by the wordpress installation script is own by apache:apache.

I can I change so that each vhost is being executed by the vhost owner? or is possible to change the default umask to 0755 on files?




If you are running Virtualmin Pro, you can have PHP scripts run as the domain owner - just go to Server Configuration -> Website Options, and select fcgid as the PHP execution mode.

This isn't possible under Virtualmin GPL though, sorry.

Thanks for the update Jamie,

If I purchase Pro, do I need to reinstall virtualmin?, or can I just add the serial number, and get this features?

Do I need to do anything more?


When you upgrade to the Pro just enter the serial and key and VM will auto-update everything and you need to go through all your settings again for the server templates and virtualmin config to edit the new settings you get.

Just look through the new menu that you will get because you will see a lot of new things.