Scheduled Backup Errors

I recently updated my Scheduled Backup settings in Virtualmin and noticed a few minor bugs:

1) When selecting the SSH server option, if the script doesn't like any of the form input, it displays an error that indicates a problem with the FTP settings (instead of SSH), even though FTP was not selected.

2) The "file on server" field seems to require an absolute path. It will not take a relative path or a "~" path to use the default home directory for that user.

3) After submitting the Scheduled Backup form with Save and Apply, it just displays the main Virtualmin menu. This is not necessarily a bug, but it would be nice if it reported that the settings were saved successfully or something like that.

Also, a related RFE: Would it be possible to specify a private key instead of a userid and password for the SSH server option?

Closed (fixed)