Creating a default virutal server

I've setup VirutalMin successfully, I've also created virtual domains on the server, all hosted under single IP. (I have only one IP on my server).

I want to create another VirtualServer that will handle all request coming to this IP/Server and the requested domain is not setup. for example &, A records are pointing to my server (Although DNS is not setup on my server), I want all of those requests to handle by my server under 1 common directory, for example /var/www/default

Thanks in advance, Ziv.

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Howdy -- sounds like you might want to setup a Default Virtual Server.

Once you choose a Virtual Server from the select list in Virtualmin, go into Server Configuration -> Website Options, where you can select "Default website for IP address".

Yes, Eric's suggestion is the correct way of setting up a default server like this..

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