sending IP question

I got a client who is constantly bitching at me when proper RFC is used when sending mail through the usermin mail interface.

His clients IP's are usually listed as a spam source for one reason or another because most have dynamic IP's and this causes 99% of emails sent using the webmail interface to be classified as spam.

Even though this is proper RFC when sending email through any webmail interface I was wonder if there was a way to prevent the clients IP as the sending/originating IP and use the sending servers IP instead ?

Please help cause I get migraines from this and I don't know who to get this across to Nick because he gets confused.



The only place where Usermin puts in the client (browser machine's) IP is the X-Originating-IP header, which as far a I know isn't used for spam detection. However, you can turn this odd .. just edit /etc/usermin/mailbox/config and add the following line at the end :


Let me know if that helps ..