Users of VirtualHosts cant change their passwords of svn users

I´ve installed "Virtualmin" with "Virtualmin Subversion". It works great. The problem is that when a user tries to change his password from webmin, all password are changed except on the "Virtualmin Subversion". I tried to find the solution to this on this forum and on google but i coulnt find anything. The only way of changing the password is by ssh with the htpasswd command? I would like that the password of this users also change with the webmin password. Are there any hack or configuration for this? Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like a bug .. on which page did the user change his password in Webmin though? There are a couple of places, which use different code paths..

My bad. When i said "when a user tries to change his password from webmin" i should said "when a user tries to change his password from USERMIN" When a user login on https://domain:20000/ and goes to "login" > "change passworld" Completing the form the system change the password in everywhere excpet in ~/etc/svn.basic.passwd I couldnt find any log message. How can i debbug it? Thanks in advance. Regards

Check that in the /etc/usermin/changepass/config file, the following lines are set :


Or if you are on Debian or Ubuntu, change libexec to share in the command above.

Hi Jammie,

This solve it!!! Thanks so much! By the way. The server is on fedora. Maybe you want to fix it on the installer. Thanks again. Regards


Great .. I will double-check the installer, as it is supposed to already do this.

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