Perl Error impossible to add new domain


I followed all the steps installing the package and compiled it. Not the webmin module but the gpl tar.

It all works fine when it checked the requirements. Yet when I try to add a domain and enter the details I see this Error - Perl execution failed

Undefined subroutine &useradmin::check_username_restrictions called at /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/domain_setup.cgi line 133

Please help.

Regards Nicolae



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Submitted by Joe on Tue, 08/25/2009 - 05:16 Pro Licensee

So, why did you use the tarball rather than RPM? And, if this is a freshly installed OS, the automated install script will insure everything you need is installed correctly. It can save a lot of time.

This specific error indicates that you either have an old version of Webmin, or an incomplete one. There are a few hosting providers that include Webmin, but they've stripped out several modules that Virtualmin requires. I suspect this is one of those Webmin installs. You'll need to fix it, by getting a complete Webmin package from and installing it (I would suggest you use the default package type for your OS; RPM, in the case of CentOS/RHEL...we also provide yum repos).

Hi yes webmin was installed by the host provider on the dedicated server. I install it from tar because when I installed the module it did not work at all. It came up with lots of errors. Now is all working but can not add domains.

The username error appears on LDAP user and groups too Require useradmin/ failed :

Died at (eval 52) line 1.

and also on Perl / Suggested module.

So are you suggesting to make a fresh webmin install?

But how to I remove webmin and all modules?

Thank you

Webmin 1.480

Modules: Login: root [–] Webmin Backup Configuration Files Change Language and Theme Usermin Configuration Webmin Actions Log Webmin Configuration Webmin Servers Index Webmin Users [–] System Bootup and Shutdown Change Passwords Disk Quotas Disk and Network Filesystems Filesystem Backup Initial System Bootup LDAP Client LDAP Users and Groups Log File Rotation MIME Type Programs PAM Authentication PKI Certificate and Key Management Running Processes Scheduled Commands Scheduled Cron Jobs Software Packages System Documentation System Logs Users and Groups Virtualmin Bootup Actions Virtualmin Mailbox Signup Virtualmin Package Updates [–] Servers AWstats Reporting Apache Webserver BIND DNS Server Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server LDAP Server MySQL Database Server Postfix Mail Server PostgreSQL Database Server ProFTPD Server Procmail Mail Filter Read User Mail SSH Server Sendmail Mail Server SpamAssassin Mail Filter Squid Proxy Server Virtualmin Analytics Virtualmin Mailman Mailing Lists Virtualmin Oracle Databases Virtualmin SQLlite Databases Virtualmin Subversion Repositories Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL) Webalizer Logfile Analysis [–] Others Command Shell Custom Commands File Manager HTTP Tunnel PHP Configuration PHP Pear Modules Perl Modules Protected Web Directories Ruby GEMS SSH Login System and Server Status Upload and Download [–] Networking ADSL Client Bandwidth Monitoring Kerberos5 Linux Firewall NFS Exports NIS Client and Server Network Configuration PPP Dialin Server SSL Tunnels TCP Wrappers Virtualmin Domain Registration idmapd daemon [–] Hardware GRUB Boot Loader Linux RAID Logical Volume Management Partitions on Local Disks Printer Administration SMART Drive Status System Time