Crash after moving virtual server

Hello! I had no problems with GPL installation and configuration, everything worked fine. After creating a few virtual servers I decided to move one to another. Virtualmin has deleted administration user and administration group for new server, later for being moved, and next all other created virtual servers! After this wanted to move home directory of new parent server to "domains" itself (error) and the same with old moved server. Finally there is a piece of shit in /etc/password and wrong permissions under /home directories of virtual servers (numbers, not users and groups). Any virtual server doesn't work due to wrong permissions. Bully! There is error in log: Error: useradmin::list_users failed : Undefined subroutine &useradmin::passfiles_type called at /usr/share/webmin/useradmin/ line 104.

Regards, Pawel



Wow, that sounds like quite a few things went wrong.

Could you describe exactly what actions you took in Virtualmin to trigger this? I'd like to try re-producing the bug on my own system ..

Just "Move virtual server" as described above. Nothing strange.

I presume you were doing the move of a top-level virtual server under an existing top-level server, thus converting it to a sub-server?

What incorrect lines got put into /etc/passwd ?

Yes, exactly. In /etc/passwd for virtual servers users there are lines with wrong home directory with schema: /home/newtopuser/domains/newtopdomain/domains/newtopdomain/domains/newtopdomain/domains/oldtopdomain where: newtopuser = user of new top virtual server, newtopdomain = domain of new top virtual server, oldtopdomain = domain of new old virtual server (being moved). As you can see there is a loop. For ftp users there are also /public_html and for e-mail users /homes/name at the end of above.

Ok, I am beginning to get a feel for the cause of this .. what were the the actual domain names in question?

There were about 12 domains and all were screwed up. After crash point to was giving error 403. I got rid of that VM installation.

OK .. but so I can prevent this from happening in future, what was the name of the domain you moved, and what domain did you move it under?

I'm not sure if you need real domain names in my installation? These two domains were ending with .pl and there were other domains in VM (also .com) and all were broken after crash. I was moving in VM domain to Both were in VM as top-level virtual servers. I suppose you can use any domain to check problem. I was using current version of VM and WM.