Creating a new Virtual server requires admin user

This used to be off but now a new unix user etc. will be created for every account.

We have test sites and don't require an admin user. is there away to turn this off?



The "administration user" option creates a Unix user, which is needed for almost all virtual servers, except those that only host DNS. This was changed recently as part of security improvements, so that files written to be Virtualmin for a domain could be done with the permissions of it's Unix user (instead of root).

Does the creation of this user cause problems on your system?

Not really I guess. It'll just create loads of unnecessary unix users and groups.

Even a few hundred extra users and groups shouldn't impact system performance .. although if you had thousands that might cause /etc/passwd to get a bit large.

Once alternative is to create these virtual servers as sub-servers, in which case they won't have separate users and groups. They can be promoted to parent servers later if needed..