selinux-policy conflicts with mod_fcgid-2.2-10.el5.x86_64


I'm runnign a yum update and am getting the following fatal error:

ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve: selinux-policy conflicts with mod_fcgid-2.2-10.el5.x86_64 Complete! (1, ['Please report this error in bugzilla'])



Joe .. any ideas on this one?

Ryan - do you have any extra YUM repos configured? Also, which CentOS or RHEL version are you running?

Hey Jamie,

I am using CentOS 5.3

I do have these repos enabled:

repo id repo name status addons CentOS-5 - Addons enabled : 0 base CentOS-5 - Base enabled : 3,272 epel Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 5 - enabled : 4,155 extras CentOS-5 - Extras enabled : 278 updates CentOS-5 - Updates enabled : 620 virtualmin Red Hat Enterprise 5 - x86_64 - Virtualm enabled : 275 virtualmin-universal Virtualmin Distribution Neutral enabled : 80 repolist: 8,680

If you run :

yum list | grep -e mod_fcgid -e selinux-policy

what repos does it say those packages are coming from?

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Submitted by Joe on Wed, 08/19/2009 - 18:43 Pro Licensee

If mod_fcgid is coming from EPEL, then this would be a bug for the EPEL folks to deal with. If it's our mod_fcgid (which is just a rebuild of the EPEL package), I can look into it, and either update to a newer version from EPEL (if available), or try to figure out why it conflicts and get a patch in place and send it upstream to the EPEL folks.

selinux-policy.noarch 2.4.6-137.1.el5 installed selinux-policy.noarch 2.4.6-203.el5 installed mod_fcgid.x86_64 2.2-4.el5 installed