Hello again guys...

Yesterday you helped me quite a bit solve a few simple (to you) problems.

I have at the moment two CRONS running. One runs once daily. The other runs every 3 minutes. How can I stop the system from sending me an email on the cron that runs every 3 minutes?

Thanks so much again,


Closed (fixed)


I believe I have resolved this on my own. After googling I added >/dev/null 2>&1 to the end of the CRON.

Is this the appropriate method to stop the email?


Howdy -- that method will indeed prevent any output from being emailed to you.

The only issue at all with that, is that it also would prevent any errors from going to you.

If you want to remove typical output, but still receive any errors if they happen to occur, you could use just this:

> /dev/null

And not add the 2>&1 to the end of that, which also removes the errors.

Thank you. My Linux experience is growing.....