Administrator accross multiple servers


I have a client who has quite a few virutal servers we host for them and they want to know if they can have a login that allows access to all their accounts at once.

I have looked at the reseller account but I don't want them to be able to add servers.

Is there any other way of doing it?

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A reseller account is the only way to do this. Just setup the reseller so that the number of virtual servers he can create is equal to the number that already exist, and he won't be able to create any more.


Is there any way to stop a reseller changing quotas and the plans an account is on?

You can limit the quotas they can assign by setting an upper limit on total quotas for a reseller, using the "Maximum quota for all servers" field on the "Edit Reseller" page. As for plans, you can deny resellers access to some plans in the "Reseller settings" section of the "Edit Plan" page.

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