Website content deleted

Centos 4.4 x86_64, Virtualmin 3.32.gpl, Webmin 1.310

When deleting an email account, the content of public_html was deleted.

Here are the probable steps to reproduce it. Will try them later on vmware installation, can't risk bugging again the production server.

1. Create a website ex: with master user "sub"
2. Create a secondary email ex:
3. Rename the domain to ex: , do not alow it rename the email and the master user
4. Login in Virtualmin with the master user (must have the change email privileges)
5. Delete email account

The email will be deleted, but also the public_html folder content. The folder it's self stays. The other folders (mail, log, etc) seems untouched.

Here is the entry from webmin log:
1170779001.11710.0 [06/Feb/2007 17:23:21] en 7b4c642a111c2a359bad4c10e2b7d7c0 virtual-server delete_users.cgi "delete" "users" "1" dom=''

PS. By the way, Webmin and Virtualmin are great products. Great work guys.

Closed (fixed)