Webmin Filesystem backup/restore

In several of the threads and the documentation reagrding vmin backups, it is suggested doing a full filesystem backup using the webmin dump module and excluding certain directories (/proc, /dev, /lost+found, and /tmp ... others?). Wondering how to exclude directories from a filesystem dump of /

The file system manager will not let me chattr on /proc (says that directory doesn't suppoer ext features) And the file system manager on every browser I've tried ona Mac (Firefox, Safari, Opera) won't show ma the ext pop up[ menu for /dev. Will fo everything esle. So does this imply a command line dump or?

I did do a full back of of / without exclusions to a local file and the dump worked fine. What I'm after is the filesystem dump as part of a backup strategy:

Main drive fails

Replace drive

Install OS and partition drive

Install vmin(? see next step)

Restore filesystem backup with webmin (or do I need to do this with the command line dump without the vmin install above)?

Restore last vmin backup (which is a full backup with settings)

From what I have read, this should do the trick?

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If you do a filesystem dump of / (using dump format, rather than tar), directories like /proc and /dev will be excluded automatically as they are usually on different filesystems.

That said, I'm not sure if this is the best backup strategy. Better to use Virtualmin's own backup features to do domain-level backups, and also include Virtualmin settings.

That way, the steps to replace a system would be :

1) Install OS (ideally the same release)

2) Install Virtualmin from script

3) Restore Virtualmin config backups

4) Restore domain backups

Thanks, Jamie. I like it easier (and faster). I was merely using the example posted on the legacy doc page:


For what you all do at Virtualmin.com. And a similar post by Joe in thread:


That said, I'm more than happy to just use the vmin backup/restore utility. What about the webmin settings backup? Should I do that as well and then restore them/before/after the vmin restore?

If you've made changes in other Webmin modules (such as for a firewall), you could use the Backup Configuration Files module to include those as well...

Meaning the Backup Configuration Files in webmin. So, I assume that I would first apply the webmin config backup then the vmin backup(s).

Yes .. actually, the order doesn't really matter much as the configs wouldn't be overlapping.

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