"Read User Mail (users' mailboxes)" feature may be activate/deactivate by virtualserver or user

Hi, "Read User Mail" feature can be global activate or deactivate in servers templates. But I want to deactivate for a virtual-server.

Do you make this feature configurable by server in "Edit Virtual Server - Enabled features" or by admin user in "Administration Options - Allowed capabilities and features" ?

I have tried cloning template server, changing "Administrator's Webmin modules", but the change of template in a existent virtual server have not effect.

It may be very usefull, some customers considers "Read User Mail" very intrusive, but others want these feature.

thanks! Santi

Closed (fixed)


Actually, cloning a template, removing access to that module and then changing the domain's template certainly should work.

Does it help if you go to the Edit Virtual Server page, disable the "Webmin login enabled?" feature, save, go back to the page, re-enable it and save again?

ok, in second attempt it works cloning server template. I did not need disable/enable "Webmin login enabled?" feature. I do not know it failed before. thanks.

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