I dont know what happenned. this morning my server would not start. all i saw was hal would not start.

so i installed virtualmin over again on another hdd on the same system.

but i want to know what to do now.

i have so many stuff in the old hdd. i have connected the old hdd to the system but cannot access the old hdd.

if i restart the system, (with both hdds connected) it starts with the old hdd as the primary hdd and it does not connect to the internet at all. i am able to login as root and tried to make some changes to network, it still did not work.



This sounds like a hard disk crash - if you can't access the old drive, there isn't much Virtualmin can do.

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Submitted by Joe on Tue, 08/11/2009 - 01:05 Pro Licensee

Jamie's right. Restoring from backups is probably your best option. (So, technically Virtualmin does help in such a circumstance, by making it easy to keep good backups, and easy to restore them.)