What is the name is the name of the pop and smtp server for a domain?

If I create virtual server "domain.com" what is the name of the POP and SMTP server associated with the new virtual domain? I need to know this so I can update the MX records with my domain registrar.

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You can use mail.domain.com for POP and SMTP.

That does not work.

Domain = controlpanel1.net ping mail.controlpanel1.net (I pinged from the server) unknown host mail.controlpanel1.net

I updated my MX records at my registrar. (Go Daddy). The web page at www.controlpanel1.net works but the mail servers do not.

It looks like the DNS record for mail.controlpanel1.net may be incorrect... this is what I'm seeing:

host mail.controlpanel1.net
mail.controlpanel1.net is an alias for mail.controlpanel1.net.

That is, it looks like a loop -- the name mail.controlpanel1.net should resolve to either an IP address, or a hostname that can be resolved to an IP address.

I don't think I quite understand.

The CNAMES (Aliases) are filled out per Go Daddy instructions.

ie: ALIAS NAME = email POINTS TO HOST NAME = MAILSERVER NAME (mail.controlpanel1.net)

However, I did edit the MX record so that mail.controlpanel1.net points to my static IP address.

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Submitted by ronald on Sun, 08/09/2009 - 18:42 Pro Licensee

Referral A.GTLD-SERVERS.net

Asking A.GTLD-SERVERS.net ( for mail.controlpanel1.net (type A)

Referral: controlpanel1.net is at ns47.domaincontrol.com (
Referral: controlpanel1.net is at ns48.domaincontrol.com ( ok

Referral ns47.domaincontrol.com

Asking ns47.domaincontrol.com ( for mail.controlpanel1.net (type A)

mail.controlpanel1.net. 3600 IN CNAME mail.controlpanel1.net. ok

CNAME loop!
Response is:

100.0% (ns47.domaincontrol.com) with CNAME loop

Referral ns48.domaincontrol.com

Asking ns48.domaincontrol.com ( for mail.controlpanel1.net (type A)

mail.controlpanel1.net. 3600 IN CNAME mail.controlpanel1.net. ok

CNAME loop!
Response is:

100.0% (ns48.domaincontrol.com) with CNAME loop
Response is:

50.0% (ns48.domaincontrol.com) with CNAME loop
50.0% (ns47.domaincontrol.com) with CNAME loop

So who is hosting your DNS exactly? Your Virtualmin system, or GoDaddy? I recommend letting Virtualmin host it, as that means the DNS records will be setup correctly (which is what I assumed in my initial answer).

That's what I'm trying to do. I want to host both my DNS and Mail Server.

However, I have to let Go Daddy know the name of my DNS servers ie: ns2.domain.com, webhost.doman.com

For some reason Go Daddy won't let me enter my DNS information.

Would things be easier if I used the register.com link build into Virtualmin Pro?

You should be able to do this with GoDaddy - just configure your domain to use your Virtualmin system as the nameserver. Using register.com probably isn't possible, as you have already registered the domain with GoDaddy.

Finally figured how to enter the domain nameserver into Go Daddy.

Do I still have to update the A and MX records?

Once you've updated the nameservers, the A and MX records should be served by your Virtualmin system.

Just to make sure I understand. I only have to enter my name server information (ns2.domain.com, webhost.domain.com) into Go Daddy and Virtualmin will automatically create the MX and A records?

Yes .. or to be accurate, Virtualmin has already created the MX and A records on your nameserver, and adding your nameservers to godaddy will let other's on the internet find your MX and A records.

You may also want to check

  1. your server has itself ( as first DNS entry

  2. your firewall(s) - external hardware and software (Webmin > Networking > Linux Firewall) are set to allow pings to pass through and the machine to respond to them.

If your machine responds to a ping, that says it is up. If it does not respond to a ping, there may be many reasons and does not necessarily mean the machine is not up.

Also, if you do get a response, you might want to make sure it is your computer that is responding, not an intermediate router if you have a router between the internet and the machine.

Cool. I've set up webhost.controlpanel1 and ns2.controlpanel1.net as nameservers on go daddy and no other nameservers. I'll give it 24 hrs and then see how it's working.

Well, my nameservers don't work. ns2.controlpanel1.net and webhost.controlpanel1.net don't respond. Yes, I made sure the nameserver entries were made under the controlpanel1.net Master Record in the BIND DNS server.

Everything works now. Open the ports on the router ie: 53,25,110,143,1025,10000

And never, never, never trust DNSReports.com.

FYI, you can always verify A and MX records under Webmin > Servers > BIND DNS Server > {Select Domain} > Edit Records File.

Now everything works!

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