Is it possibe to create virtual server without creating user and group? (repost as issue)

I already posted this question in, but not as an issue, so probably it slipped your attention:

Let's clarify... My users and groups are in an LDAP directory. Using virtualmin I already created a virtual server on machine A with user X. So user X is already in the LDAP directory. Now I want to create a virtual server on machine B for user X (because the load on server A reaches its limit). Is there any option to prevent re-creation of this user. If not, is it possible to implement this option. What I really want is the full virtual server setup without the creation of a user and group (because it is already there).



Sorry, but there's no way to do this, and it wouldn't even be that simple to implement ..

Are you trying to setup some kind of load balancing? If so, perhaps a better method would be to not use LDAP and instead clone the virtual server to the other machine using Virtualmin's backup and restore features.

That's a pitty. So I have to trick it in some way.

It is not about load-balancing, but I seperated email and websites, created mail-filtering servers and for that I need cetralized accounts. I first setup a virtualmin server on the email server for user X. Virtualmin will then create the email-account, the postfix tables etc, all in LDAP. From that moment on, all mail-filtering servers know about user X, his email adresses etc. and his account is created in the LDAP directory. Than I would like to setup the same account on the webserver, but the LDAP account already exists. Here is my problem. What I do now is set up the account locally, but that means that when for instance a user wants to change his password, he has to do that on both servers.

Maybe another solution?... The user already exists, so that's the problem. Is it possible to make an option (checkbox) in Virtualmin or Webmin LDAP users and groups that when the account already exists it doesn't throw an error, but just continues? (just a try).

Anyway thanks for your answer again. Rob.

Which machine is Virtualmin itself running on though .. the webserver, or the mail server?

I presume they both use LDAP to get users and groups.

I have virtualmin GPL on the mailserver (because there is not much use for the Pro version there) and the Pro version on the webserver.

Both should use LDAP (but are currently not, because that is what I try to accomplish)

So in this setup, I would recommend having Virtualmin only on the master system, configured to create users in an LDAP database. Your mail server can then just have Webmin, and be configured to use the LDAP server. It could also share home directories via NFS. That way you could offload mail processing to a separate system..