auto-reply not working

If you set the auto-reply for a user in usermin it doesn't work.

If you set the auto-reply for the user in VM it works.



What goes wrong exactly? Does the autoreply never get sent, or does mail get bounced back with an error?

Also, if you setup mail forwarding in Usermin, does that work OK?

If you want to see it happen on our server its

The domain we are testing is and the email account is nick. We had a few clients say the auto-reply isnt working and in usermin that is true. If I set the auto-reply in the VN side it works.

I would have though that if you entered the reply in UM it would show up in VM and visa-versa but that isn't the case too.

I see why - you have user-level mail filtering disabled (which effects auto-replies too). Go to Email Messages -> Spam and Virus Scanning, and change "Allow mailbox users to create mail filters?" to "Yes".

That's messed up. Why do you need filtering enabled for auto-reply ? It already will filter spam and viruses.

And if you can set the auto-reply in VM and it works then it should in UM regardless if the user level filtering is on or off.

Both user-configured filtering and auto-replies are setup using procmail, so they are turned on and off together.

In Virtualmin, these are setup in /etc/aliases, which doesn't depend on procmail and isn't editable by the user.

Regardless, filters are allowed by default (in recent releases), and I'd suggest leaving this enabled.