Dovecot Off any known reasons why?

Somethings happened on the server, not sure what... I'm getting authentication failures to the imap accounts we set up. I tried accessing themail directly using: this takes me as expect to the log in. I enter a valid_user.domainname and passwd and UserMin lets me in just fine, but now I get this error on the screen

There are no messages in folder [inbox] [change]|>|> An error occurred listing mail in this folder : Failed to connect to localhost:143 : Connection refused

So, I log in to VirtualMin, switch to WebMin-->Servers--> Dovecot and see "Start Dovecot Server"

Hmmm, why is it off? I did not turn it off, neither did any of my team mates, it has "Yes" to start at boot.

Would upgrading to the latest virtualMin turn of the Dovecot server? I'm using version 3.67 Pro.

btw... where on your web site is the latest version number ? You might put that on the downloads page

And secondary issue: My webalizer config seems to be wiped. I had set to show ALL URLS but that link disappeared on the stats pages. I suspect both things happened at the same time.



Sounds like Dovecot may have crashed. If you check the /var/log/maillog file for messages from dovecot, is there perhaps any error message showing why it exited?

Virtualmin certainly will not shut it down. However, you can configure Virtualmin to automatically re-start it if down at System Settings -> Module Config -> Status collection -> Restart services that are detected as down? .