problem with vpopmail aliases

When using the qmail/vpopmail system virtualmin should add an alias by using vpopmail's valias command. It seems that at the moment virtualmin adds the alias using .qmail files. This creates a problem because other patches or qmail plugins ( qmail-spp ) rely on the valias command line to check if an user or alias exist during the smtp session before accepting or rejecting the message. But if virtualmin uses .qmail files then valias will not show any aliases. I think virtualmin does this only when using pure aliases ( i.e not email addresses that have a local mailbox but also forward the messages to another email address )



It does use the valias command though, which the exception of the default (catchall) alias for a domain for which I didn't know the correct valias syntax. This was done to support different vpopmail backends like MySQL.

It uses commands like :

valias -i

to create an alias..

I don't know the syntax for catchall either, but in my case this actually happens on a non catchall alias. The domain has catchall setup but it also has an alias and it seems that this alias is using the .qmail file instead of valias.

For regular aliases, Virtualmin definately always uses the valias command to create and list them. Perhaps valias is configured to create .qmail files by default?

vpopmail was compiled with the option to store aliases in the valias mysql table. It does this for all other domains ( the non catchall ones )

In that case, virtualmin should be creating aliases that go into mysql - unless perhaps you have two versions of valias installed?