1 backup sent to multi-locations

I've got s issue where I am creating the same backup twice a day going to 2 different locations. What would be nice is the ability to conserve cpu cycles and instead of having to make the same tarballs for both locations it would be nice if VM would be able to save the first backup until the last location has been sent the files then delete the daily backup.

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One way you could do this using Virtualmin already is via the "Command to run after backup" field, under "Schedule and reporting" on the scheduled backup page. This could be set to some scp command which transfers the backup to the other location, assuming that you have password-less SSH setup.

hmm not ideal at all. First I wouldn't know how to figure out what directory the tarball is located at and ftp/s3 requires more then a simple scp that wouldn't work anyways.

You got any examples that could be used ?

This could get more complex if S3 is involved.

What are the two destination types you want to backup to?

Yes S3 is used twice and a normal ftp is used.

I'm just trying to save some cpu cycles and not keep doing redundant backups

Ok, if you are using S3 there isn't really any easy work-around unless you have some command-line tool for uploading files to S3. If you did, you could do the backup to local files and then have a post-backup command to upload the S3.

Until I implement this, the only truly supported solution is to have two scheduled backups that write to different S3 locations.

What a waste of cpu cycles then and the time it takes to make them.

Yes, I agree that doing the backup once and copying multiple times would be more efficient. Unfortunately, the design of the Virtualmin backup code doesn't make this simple to add ..