Adding a domain with various extension produce a my sql creation failure

i have : ...

on the same server.

When adding virtualmin is not able to create a my sql table due to the existence of


Closed (fixed)


I have just checked that on mine and setup a sub-server with same domainname but different TLD. I had no problems creating Databases.

I had: and the databses are named va and va_name than i added and those databases were named va_domain and va_domain_name etc.

the only problem i could see here would be if va_domain already existed.

bpds - could you tell me what error message you are getting from Virtualmin when you try to add a table (or is it a database) ?

Error Failed to create virtual server : A MySQL user named pereira-da-silva already exists


May be you will find something inspecting my screen shots..



Ok, I see the problem .. because you already have a domain with the same name but .com, the .fr MySQL username clashes due to limits on the length of MySQL usernames.

The possible fixes are :

1) Create the new domain as a sub-server under the existing .com domain.

2) Enter a different username on the creation form, in the "Administration username" field.