yum-complete-transaction not working


I am facing various remarks during yum updates to run "yum-complete-transaction" yet when I enter this at the command prompt nothing happens. It just reports that it cannot find the file specified.

So what is wrong here and how do I get rid of these pesky remarks about unfinished transations ?



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Have you tried running it as :

yum complete-transaction

yum is the command, complete-transaction is the parameter.

Hi Jamie,

Sounds logical, so I just tried it, but to no avail. The result is yum lists it's commands but doesn't do anything else.

I also reviewed the man pages for yum and on the bottom there is a reference to yum-complete-transaction but typing "man yum-complete-transaction" doesn't offer anything.

You may need to install the yum-utils package. Try running :

yum -y install yum-utils


I finally got it to solve this issue with the latest instruction you gave me. So it seems OK now.

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