How to access virtual server individually

Hi, I just installed Virtualmin and have created 2 virtual servers. My question is how do I access the virtual server. I can access all the virtual server from the main console, but I just want to access individual virtual server (for security reasons, because these virtual server will be used by different customers).

My other questions is I am moving my website from a web hosting company to my virtual server. What needs to done so my transfered website is accessible via the Internet.

Thank You

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To access a virtual server as its owner (who will only be able to access that one domain), you can logout and login again with the server's username and password. Or you can open the Administration Options category on the left and click on "Switch to Server's Admin".

As for moving your website, if your DNS is hosted elsewhere all you have to do is update the Address (A) records to point to the Virtualmin system when the content has been copied over. There may be a period of a few hours during which some people hit the old site and some hit the new, due to DNS propogation delay..

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