XEN defaults+instances: Allow to define eth interfaces (and other custom settings)

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The XEN files settings (and corresponding default values) should even be more flexible, as e.g. we define 2 eth interfaces inside.

(created as separate request as required here: http://www.virtualmin.com/node/10180#comment-44066 )

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So do you want to map two real ethernet interfaces on the host system to two interfaces on the Xen guest?

Cloudmin doesn't support this yet, but it doesn't sound too hard to add ..

Yes, that's what we already do now without CloudMin and really need, as part of our HA-setup: on DOM-0 we are using 2 instead of 1 xen-bridges, 1 per eth interface. Obviously IP addresses need to be properly assigned on both interfaces, and be part of the API in same way as first interface. ;-)

Would be very cool if you can add that. Then we could soon start real live tests...

How are you currently configuring this in your Xen .cfg files? Cloudmin has some features that make is possible to add custom Xen options, which may help ..

Here is how it's done in the machine's .cfg file (extract of a working production "machine22.cfg", just changed IP addresses for confidentiality reasons:

vif = [ 'vifname=machine22.1,ip=,bridge=eth1','vifname=machine22.0,i p=,bridge=eth0' ]

So basically we need a good support of the vif directive params, either with input mask, or just free field.

I am looking into this for inclusion in the next release..

So I presume you allocate a free IP in each of your networks (238. and 10.) for each Xen guest?

Multiple interfaces on Xen guests will be supported in the upcoming 3.1 Cloudmin release..

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