Adding users to databases PgSQL MySQL within Virtual Server menu

I lack the functionality to manage users and grants for DB's created inside Virtual Server.

Of course I'm able to do it from Webmin... but when I use restore function then I'm facing problems...

If for the database created using Virtual Server I want to add several db users (eg. one only for read and second as a admin) with special grants I have to use Webmin or command line... so in this case my backup is useless because restore will fail...

Beside when I'm making backup it will be wise to have the all users connected with my Virtual Server inside :)



Virtualmin does support assigning additional users access to databases - you can go to Edit Mail and FTP Users, click on a user, open the 'Other user permissions' section and add them in 'Allow access to databases'.

But are you asking if there is a way to assign more fine-grained levels of access, like read-only or access to only certain tables?