lagging virtual server


i was recently upgrade to pro version of virtualmin.

problem i found after upgrade is the virtual servers created before upgrading to pro seems to have odd behaviour.

the most common behaviour is when i applied some changes in the virtualserver configuration, it took very long time (5-15 minutes) to finish. more apparent when changing network based setting such as domain name, apache, ip, etc

the virtual servers created after upgrade does not have this behaviour.

some settings also not shown in pre-upgrade virtual servers.

any advice??

best regards



Yeah, it shouldn't take more than a few seconds in most cases.

Jamie may chime in more when he's awake in a couple of hours, but a few thoughts/questions in the meantime --

  1. Are your DNS servers working properly? Some of what you're offering sounds like it could be DNS related. You should be able to see your DNS servers in /etc/resolv.conf, do those look right, and do they respond? If you type the command "host" -- do you get a response back within a few seconds?

  2. Are you seeing a high load on your system ATM? For example, what does the "uptime" command output?

  3. Do you have some examples of settings that aren't showing up in your pre-upgrade Virtual Servers?

  4. You may want to try restarting Virtualmin. For that, I would do these steps:

a) /etc/init.d/webmin stop

b) ps auxw | grep miniserv | grep webmin

c) If any processes were output in "b", go ahead and kill them

d) /etc/init.d/webmin start

After doing that, are you still seeing the same trouble?

Could you tell me which page you are making these changes on that is taking a long time?

Possibly the problem is related to slow DNS resolution - you can check this by SSHing into your system and looking up the IP address of the machine from which you are connecting, with a command like :


  1. typing the host command return fast. in seconds.
  2. no high load. average cpu is under 10%. it is still new hosting, with 4 virtual servers. 2 were created before upgrade to pro
  3. "manage ssl sertificates" and "configure website ssl" were shown in the old virtual server, while "configure php option" were only shown in the new server.
  4. i have just restarted the machine. still same problem.


it is more apparent when changing dns option and edit virtual server setting. but i think i see it to when applying setting in different page. i just dont remember where.

should i delete the virtual server and restore from backup??

So if you go to the Edit Virtual Server page for a domain, does it take a long time to load?

If you just click Save without making any changes, how long does it take to save? Also, if you run the 'top' command while the save is happening, is there any process using up a lot of CPU?