System Configuration and Maintenance

System Configuration and Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

Backup and Restoration - Backing up and restoring Virtualmin virtual servers.

Server Template Variables - Template variables allow automatically inserting a variety of data during domain creation.

Virtualmin on Low Memory Systems - Configuration tips for running Virtualmin on systems with 256MB or less memory.

Mobile Devices and Virtualmin - Using Virtualmin on iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, or any other mobile device with a web browser.

Bleeding Edge Package Repository for CentOS 5 - Optional bleeding edge repository for newer PHP versions, as well as other frequently updated packages.

Support Requests and Remote Login Access - Using the Virtualmin Support module to file tickets from within Virtualmin and get hands-on support for Virtualmin Professional and Cloudmin products.

OS Notes - Notes and caveats about specific operating systems. While Virtualmin and Webmin are generally fully functional on most modern Linux and UNIX systems, there are some known issues with some operating systems and versions.

Virtualmin for Recovering cPanel Administrators - Tips for users who are familiar with cPanel, but not the underlying webserver terminology. Virtualmin uses Apache terminology for most functionality, and has a few other differences in how it presents options to the end user, which can be confusing for users migrating from cPanel. This guide covers the most common pitfalls and causes of confusion.

Varnish with Virtualmin - Instructions for how to setup Varnish on a Virtualmin server.

Replication and Shared Storage - Hosting the same domain on multiple systems.


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The link to Virtualmin for Recovering cPanel Administrators on this page is a dead-end.