Updates the status of multiple systems, and displays the results

Forces Cloudmin to re-query the actual status of the specified systems. This is done in parallel so that many can be updated at once, and the status from each is displayed once it is retrieved. By default, Virtualmin status information like the amount of free RAM and available package updates is only fetched from the remote system's cache, which is typically updated once every 5 minutes. To force a full status update, use the --regenerate command-line option - this will make the update take longer though.

Example usage

  cloudmin refresh-systems --host xenrails.home
  Refreshing status of 1 systems ..
  xenrails.home: virt (Webmin and Virtualmin)

Command Line Help

Refreshes the status of some or all managed systems.

cloudmin refresh-systems [--all-hosts] | [--host name]*
                         [--group name]*
                         [--type real|kvm|gce|this]*
                         [--os oscode]*
                         [--owner name]*
                         [--status status-code|"up"|"wm"|"bad"]
                         [--host-on name]