Lists all EC2 images available for all accounts

This program displays all EC2 images (AMIs) available to some or all of your EC2 accounts. To restrict the account it shows them for, use the --account parameter. To show more details about each image, add --multiline to the command line. To just get a list of AMI IDs, use the --name-only flag instead.

By default, only machine images are listed - but you can include kernel images too with the --show-all flag.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-ec2-images
  Image ID   Location                                                Account
  ---------- ------------------------------------------------------- ----------
  ami-20b653 ec2-public-images/fedora-core4-base.manifest.xml        5555555555
  ami-22b653 ec2-public-images/fedora-core4-mysql.manifest.xml       5555555555
  ami-23b653 ec2-public-images/fedora-core4-apache.manifest.xml      5555555555
  ami-25b653 ec2-public-images/fedora-core4-apache-mysql.manifest.xm 5555555555
  ami-268f6a rightscale-images/CentOS5V1.img.manifest.xml            5555555555
  ami-26b653 ec2-public-images/developer-image.manifest.xml          5555555555
  ami-2bb653 ec2-public-images/getting-started.manifest.xml          5555555555
  ami-2c8f6a rightscale-images/FC6V2.img.manifest.xml                5555555555
  ami-608b6e virtualmin-gpl/image.manifest.xml                       5555555555
  ami-699673 virtualmin-pro/image.manifest.xml                       5555555555
  ami-898560 feisty-image/feisty.manifest.xml                        5555555555
  ami-bd9d78 ec2-public-images/demo-paid-AMI.manifest.xml            5555555555

Command Line Help

Lists all available EC2 machine images.

cloudmin list-ec2-images [--multiline | --name-only]
                         [--account number]