Output a list of previously run backups.

Every time Cloudmin runs a backup (either on schedule, via the command line or via the web UI), it is logged. This command allows you to display entries from the backup log for either a single system (selected with the --host flag followed by a hostname), backups made by some system owner (using the --owner flag), or all backups.

Output can be further limited using the --start and --end flags, followed by either a date formatted like yyyy-mm-dd, or a number of days in the past like -7.

By default, the output is in a human-readable table format. However, you can switch to a more parsable format with the --multiline flag.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-backup-logs --start -1
  Date/time         Destination                                      Status    
  ----------------- ------------------------------------------------ --------
  21/Aug/2009 14:00 master:/backup/cloudmin/openvzgpl.home.tar.gz    160.42 MB 
  21/Aug/2009 13:56 master:/backup/cloudmin/openvzgpl.home.tar.gz    FAILED    
  21/Aug/2009 13:47 master:/backup/cloudmin/openvzgpl.home.tar.gz    FAILED    
  21/Aug/2009 13:43 master:/backup/cloudmin/openvzgpl.home.tar.gz    160.42 MB 
  21/Aug/2009 13:42 ftp:user:pass@backup.home/backup/cloudmin/ope    78.83 MB  
  20/Aug/2009 23:38 ftp:user:pass@backup.home/backup/cloudmin/ope    160.30 MB 
  20/Aug/2009 23:32 master:/backup/cloudmin/openvzgpl.home.tar.gz    160.42 MB 

Command Line Help

Lists logs for previous virtual system backups.

cloudmin list-backup-logs [--multiline]
                          [--owner name | --host name]
                          [--start yyyy-mm-dd]
                          [--end yyyy-mm-dd]