Fails over a virtual system from a down host to a new host.

This command triggers a manual failover of a virtual system that is currently on a down host. Cloudmin will select a new host system based on the failover group the original host is in, or you can choose a host explicitly.

The virtual system to move is selected with the --host flag, followed by a hostname. The destination can be optionally set with the --dest flag, which must be followed by the name of a host in the same failover group as the original.

By default, Cloudmin will re-start the virtual system on the new host if was running before the old host failed. However, you can force startup with the --startup flag, or block it with the --no-startup option.

By default a system whose host is available cannot be failed over. However, you can override this rule using the --force flag - but be aware that this will forcibly shut down the virtual system, to simulate the state it would be in if the host had really failed.

Example usage

  cloudmin failover-system --host xengtest.home
  Failing over Xen system xengtest.home from brokenbox.home to newbox.home ..
  Copying Xen configuration file ..
  .. copied /xen/xengtest.cfg
  Re-fetching system status ..
  .. done.
  .. all done

Command Line Help

Fails over a virtual system from a down host to a new host.

cloudmin failover-system --host name
                        [--dest force-destination-host]
                        [--startup | --no-startup]