Creates a new GCE image from a disk.

An image is a copy of a GCE disk that can be used to create new instances. The --disk parameter must be given followed by the name of the disk to copy, and --name must be followed by a unique name for the new image. The named disk must be a bootable root disk disconnected from a virtual system. The optional --desc parameter can be followed by a human-readable description for the new snapshot.

The --project parameter can be used to control which GCE project the disk is created under, if you have more than one. Similarly --zone can be used to select the zone the disk is in, if it differs from the project default.

Example usage

  cloudmin create-gce-image --disk test4 --name image4
  Creating GCE image image4 from disk test4 ..
  .. created successfully

Command Line Help

Creates an image from a GCE disk.

cloudmin create-gce-image --project number
                          --name image-name
                          --disk disk-name
                         [--zone name]
                         [--description "human readable"]