RFE: License Expiration Alert Notice Improvements

My license expired last month, and I have been having trouble renewing it due to a possible problem with the billing system accepting my credit card. However, that is not what this bug is about. (I have e-mailed Joe separately about that.)

My request is to make the license alert less prominent when logging into a system with a recently-expired license. In my case, a big red alert appears at the top indicating:

A problem was detected with your Virtualmin licence :
The licence for this server expired on 2006-XX-XX

This alert is displayed for all users (server owners) to see. Unfortunately, this has confused some of our users, and it looks a bit unprofessional and embarrassing. Perhaps this is intentional, but if the purpose instead is just to get the adminstrators attention, then I propose this message only appear when logging in as root (i.e. the "Master Admin"), or possibly a reseller, but not an end user (server owner).

In addition, it might be nice to e-mail the master administrator to let them know prior to the license expiration, in case they don't log into Virtualmin around this time.

Closed (fixed)