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#1 Fri, 04/04/2008 - 04:02

Install Scripts list

I know, this should get me hazed.... but where can I find a list of the available install scripts for VM Pro??

Fri, 04/04/2008 - 07:52
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Advanced Guestbook 2.4.3
Advanced Poll 2.0.2
AROUNDMe 0.6.9
b2evolution 1.9.2-2007-01-22
bbPress 0.75
Bugzilla 3.1.3
cgiemail 1.6
Chora h3-2.0.2
CivicSpace 0.8.5
Coppermine 1.4.16
DaDaBIK 4.2
DokuWiki 2007-06-26b
dotProject 2.1.1
Drupal 5.7 4.7.11
eTicket 1.5.6-RC4
FAQMasterFlex 1.0
FormMail 1.9
Forwards h3-3.0.1
Gallery 2.2.4 1.5.7
Gollem h3-1.0.3
Help Center Live 2.1.5
Horde 3.1.7 Guestbook 5.4
IMP h3-4.1.6
Ingo h3-1.1.5
Instiki 0.12.0
IntegraMOD 1.4.1
Joomla 1.5.1 1.0.15
Kronolith h3-2.1.7
LimeSurvey 1.70
Mambo 4.6.2
Mantis 1.1.1
MediaWiki 1.9.3
Mephisto 0.7.3
MIMP h3-1.0.2
Mnemo h3-2.1.2
Moodle 1.5.4
Movable Type 4.1
Nag h3-2.1.4
NMS::FormMail 3.14c1
Nucleus 3.32
OpenX 2.4.4
osCommerce 2.2rc1
osTicket 1.6.rc3
Passwd h3-3.0.1
phpBB 3.0.0 2.0.23
PHP-Calendar 0.10.9
PHPCoin v124_full_2006-09-06
PHPList 2.10.5 2.11.3
phpMyAdmin 2.11.5 2.9.2
PHP-Nuke 8.0 6.0 5.0
phpPgAdmin 4.1.3
PHProjekt 5.2
phpScheduleIt 1.2.8
PHP Support Tickets 2.2 2.0
phpWebSite 0.10.2
Php-Wiki 1.3.14 1.2.10
Plans 7.9.9
PostNuke 0.764
Radiant CMS 0.6.4
RoundCube 0.1-rc2
Ruby on Rails 2.0.2
Simple Machines Forum 1.1.4
SquirrelMail 1.4.13
SugarCRM 5.0.0b
Textpattern 4.0.6
Turba h3-2.1.7
TWiki 4.2.0
Typo 5.0.2
Vacation h3-3.0.1
WebCalendar 1.1.6
WordPress 2.3.3
WordPress MU 1.3.3
ZenCart 1.3.8
Zenphoto 1.1.5


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Fri, 04/04/2008 - 11:32 (Reply to #2)

That's all?

Nooo, I am JUST kidding. This list is mre than impressive. Am thankful that I didn't get yelled at, at least yet.

Mon, 04/07/2008 - 00:10 (Reply to #3)
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As far as I know, it's the biggest list of apps in the business. Not that I would ever brag.

I do need to add a script to add a new version of the list to the wiki or just a regular ol' web page every time a new version of Virtualmin is rolled out, though...


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Fri, 04/18/2008 - 07:09 (Reply to #4)

Hi Joe,

What's the best way to notify you of a new version - here or in the Bugs and Issues tracker?

(SugarCRM has 5.0.0c)


Fri, 04/18/2008 - 13:43 (Reply to #5)
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Bug tracker. Jamie handles most script updates, and he only reads the tracker, except when I refer him to a thread here in the forums.

But in this case, it's already in there--next release in two or three days will have 5.0.0c.


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Sun, 07/27/2008 - 15:59 (Reply to #6)

where can I find the 1.0.15 Joomla for VMpro ?

Adam Reiser

Mon, 07/28/2008 - 01:16 (Reply to #7)

1.0.15 REQUIRES php4 and that will soon disappear out of all distro's by the end of the year or so I hear.

Mon, 07/28/2008 - 07:09 (Reply to #8)
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Im running 1.0.15 on php5
under install scrips - joomla - there is a dropdown and you can choose this version.

there is nothing wrong with this version, it is just based on the mambo framework were as 1.5 is a totally new from the ground up written framework.

Im running joomla for several years now on several servers with php 5 (in fact I have never run it on php4)

there are much more components available for the older version.
however more and more are written for the 1.15 version

Sun, 07/27/2008 - 13:48

I am looking for the Joomla 1.015 not the newest version 1.54

I just love the Virtalmin pro !!!!!

As soon as I am finished testing Good bye Plesk !!!

Adam Reiser

Sun, 07/27/2008 - 15:09 (Reply to #10)

<div class='quote'>I am looking for the Joomla 1.015 not the newest version 1.54

Why would you want to install an insecure version of a script that is a known target for crackers?

Have you looked on the install scripts page under the &quot;Install Un-supported Version&quot; tab?

Beyond that you can always manually install any version of an application. You just won't be able to manage updates to it through vmin.

Sun, 07/27/2008 - 15:19 (Reply to #11)
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1.0.15 is the latest of the 1.0 tree. It's what we're running here at least for a while longer. It has no known security issues.

But, I would encourage folks to use the 1.5 branch. If you really do need 1.0.15, make sure PHP 4 is installed, as I'm guessing maybe it's not showing up in your Install Scripts list because it (probably incorrectly) thinks it needs PHP 4. The &quot;Install Unsupported Version&quot; interface almost certainly will not work in this case--Joomla 1.5 has a different install process, I seem to recall. So, it'd probably work for 1.5.5, but probably not for any of the 1.0.x versions.


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