RFE: Comments for mail aliases

Would it be possible to store comments for mail aliases? This would be useful for storing the alias's "real name" or purpose, similar to the name field for a mailbox. It would be especially useful to associate with a full name when the alias destination is non-local, such as a forwarding address to another domain.

Comments are supported in the various alias files (aliases, sendmail virtusertable, postfix virtual, etc.), however there is no standard format for associating a particular comment with a specific alias. Comments must be on their own separate lines, so I would suggest a format like this:

# Virtualmin Comment: Joe Schmoe User's Real Name
joe@schmoe.com joeschmoe@gmail.com

The comment must immediately preceed the alias to create the association, and it must start with the string "# Virtualmin Comment: ". Alternatively, maybe the comment should say "# Webmin Comment: " instead, so this same format could be used with the sendmail and postfix Webmin modules directly, outside of Virtualmin.

Closed (fixed)