Incoming emails to virtual servers rejected "Relay access denied"

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#1 Sun, 03/31/2019 - 08:09

Incoming emails to virtual servers rejected "Relay access denied"

I have just installed Virtualmin today on a Contabo VPS running Ubuntu 18.04. Took several attempts and had to reinstall the OS about 4 times due to Netplan issues, but I finally got there by rolling back changes made by to the /etc/01-netcfg.yaml file.

Anyway, I've configured Dovecot and Postfix and I've configured a Virtual Server to use for testing services, on which I used the script to install Roundcube. All good thus far.

However, when i send email from an external unconnected domain to the new user created in the Virtual Server, it is rejected with "Relay access denied".

Looking in the Postfix config, I can see an entry where I think I can include the new domain created and it will thereby work. It's called, "What domains to receive mail for" and it currently contains, "$myhostname,,,, localhost".

The reason I haven't done that though is because I suspect VirtualMin has a feature whereby it will automatically add the domains of Virtual Servers to the list and I just haven't enabled it, but I can't find it.

I would really appreciate any insights on this and many thanks for all the time and effort which you've put into building such a useful piece of software.

Warm regards, Peter

Mon, 04/01/2019 - 05:30

I know you're all very busy, but if someone could please give me some advice on this I would be very grateful :-)

Many thanks!

Tue, 04/02/2019 - 21:24

Hmm... looks like this project might have died :-(

Time find another solution and rebuild the server yet again!

Sun, 04/14/2019 - 15:39

This is a real shame... Another business earner customer lost because no one is home!

I hope people realise that Google searches about virtualmin and even tags on this thread are visible to the this kind of "non response" totally trashes the Virtualmin brand name.

It is already known on many reviews for lack of forum help...even though that is a largely untrue review.

I don't understand what Joe and Jamie are thinking....I am in business for myself and I would do everything possible to avoid my reputation being ruined because of this kind of thing.

Is it possible they don't need anymore clients and business doesn't need to grow anymore?

I hope not, any business that isn't growing is failing (because the attrition rate is not being matched with incoming new customers!)

People will never buy the paid version if there is no forum support for the free version. To think otherwise is lunacy in business terms in this day and age.

ispconfig has a good following not because it's a better panel than virtualmin but because it is well supported on forums and has excellent documentation and tutorials. In my view if lacking in one, the other must be exceptionally good (virtualmin is lacking in both)

What is going on here lately is complete foolishness and self destructive!

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