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#1 Tue, 08/21/2007 - 09:49

Master DNS settings

I am after the correct DNS settings for each of my sites. I wanted to set them all up as master DNS if that is the right way to do it.

The local network IP address is 192.1xx.x.xx

The server IP address is a local ISP 203.1xx.x.xx

If I want them all to act as master DNS servers this is how I have them at the moment

$ttl 38400 @ IN SOA ( 1183733388 10800 3600 604800 38400 ) @ IN NS IN A 192.1xx.x.xx IN A 192.1xx.x.xx IN A 192.1xx.x.xx IN A 192.1xx.x.xx IN A 192.1xx.x.xx IN MX 5 IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx ip4:192.1xx.x.xx ?all"

Does that look right......

If I change that to the public IP address it just goes to the default first virtual site.

I have a problem where if I try and go to I see the page

Error - Bad Request This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL https://192.1xx.x.xx:10000/ instead.

I would rather see the following pointing to the public IP address

Error - Bad Request This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL https://203.1xx.x.xx:10000/ instead.

I had a look at,virtualmin_administrators_gui... but that didn't work for me but maybe I missed a step.

Wed, 08/22/2007 - 09:41
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Those DNS zones are definitely not right. Public IP must be in the DNS zones, but the Apache configuration needs to have the private IP addresses (assuming it doesn't have a public IP--if it has a public IP, you don't need to do anything with the private ones).

So, you need the DNS records to have the public IP, as documented at the link you provided.

And you need the Apache stuff (and everything else) to have the private addresses (because they're binding to the local addresses). That's set in the same form as the DNS address, and the fields are labeled "Network interface for virtual addresses" and "Default virtual server IP address" (depending on how you want it selected...if Virtualmin detects it correctly automatically, then just use the first and leave it set to the detect automatically option).

You may also be running into the problem documented here:,troubleshooting_common_proble...

It comes from having extraneous or incorrect VirtualHost or NameVirtualHost directives--this can happen if you had the IPs wrong to start with. It also seems to happen by default on some systems, though I haven't figured out which ones or where the configuration is coming from.


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