problem logging in FTP/Http Vmin users

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#1 Fri, 05/11/2007 - 23:37

problem logging in FTP/Http Vmin users

Hi Joe and people, I did get some help on this before but cant search it out.... 8-)

I'm trying to set up users under VMIN to be able to login under FTP or even Http but despite ensuring that login details are ok, cannot get in MOSTLY. Two users I can get in, but they log into root area and I can't even find public_html for them, then. :-{

I recall it had something to do with initial setups but..... I thought VMin did supply FTP automatically with a new Vserver install?

Any pointers to sources helpful. Ta, Himagain OH BTW: Found the XINHA prog along the way - no replacement for say CuteFTP et al AFAICS (as far as i can see) but could be handy for quick n dirty stuff - but couldn't see any way of adding a doc file to a page (even tho it offered a Word.doc cleaner!)

Mon, 07/16/2007 - 19:57

When I create a new user and when a new user is created with FTP login, it says /bin/false and the end of the line in /etc/passwd. If I manually change that to /bin/sh it works. Any way to set this in a template?

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