Backup has to check connection and space before it starts or else it will crash

Virtualmin backup must check if a target hosts works and can write to the location (maybe a check button)
I tried to make a backup config thru SSH but i made 3 mistakes

(1.) i made the backup every minute of the whole server(1 site with 1MB)
i checked all buttons i want to backup everything.

(2.) the target says file i put in /servername/name
and i checked that i must use the date variables

(3.) the ssh on the remote server only allows users who you add in the sshd config i didnt do this ;-)

i select SAVE and im logging in remote server to make the change to the sshd.

The server of virtualmin HANGS after 5 min the backup runs multiple times no lock files etc.

The server are we configuring for production so i always test the most extreme settings a backup every minute is stupid but the options are there.
and it shows this bug ;-)

Closed (fixed)