Error on enabling ssh

I'm not sure what I'm doing since I'm new to all this, but I just installed VirtualMinPro, created a domain, logged into Usermin for that domain, and tried to setup the SSH Configuration for the domain.

I was informed that SSH hadn't been set up for the account and so I typed in a password in the form and clicked on "Setup SSH with password".

This resulted in an error page with this text:

Failed to setup SSH :

Usage: ssh-keygen [options]
-b bits Number of bits in the key to create.
-c Change comment in private and public key files.
-e Convert OpenSSH to IETF SECSH key file.
-f filename Filename of the key file.
-g Use generic DNS resource record format.
-i Convert IETF SECSH to OpenSSH key file.
-l Show fingerprint of key file.
-p Change passphrase of private key file.
-q Quiet.
-y Read private key file and print public key.
-t type Specify type of key to create.
-B Show bubblebabble digest of key file.
-C comment Provide new comment.
-N phrase Provide new passphrase.
-P phrase Provide old passphrase.
-r hostname Print DNS resource record.
-G file Generate candidates for DH-GEX moduli
-T file Screen candidates for DH-GEX moduli
You must specify a key type (-t).

I guess something didn't work here.

Closed (fixed)