Installed modules not shown with the same version in webmin / yast

Was looking at the webmin modules and noticed that the version shown were different from the versions shown in Yast.

Webmin Modules Report

SubVersion Repositories (v. 1.9)
AWstats Reporting (v. 1.8)
Virtualmin DAV (v. 1.6)
Virtualmin MailMan Mailing List (v. 2.4)
Virtualmin Protected Directories (v. 1.2)
Virtualmin Virtual-Server (v 3.07)

Yast Installed rpm's Report

SubVersion Repositories (v. 3.00-1)
Virtualmin AWstats Reporting (v. 3.00-1)
Virtualmin DAV (v. 3.00-1)
Virtualmin MailMan Mailing List (v. 3.00-1)
Virtualmin Protected Directories (v. 3.00-1)
Virtualmin Virtual-Server (v 3.07)

Do not know what the difference is?

Closed (fixed)