Migration from Cpanel.

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#1 Tue, 10/25/2005 - 04:03

Migration from Cpanel.


The migrate from Cpanel is not working. It says

Failed to migrate virtual server : Not a cPanel daily or home directory backup file

I am doing it from cPanel 10

cPanel Build 10.8.0-RELEASE 27

cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC36)

Wed, 10/26/2005 - 03:09
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Might be a bug, or it might be an unsupported backup type (cPanel has a half-dozen slightly different ways to end up with a backup file--I thought we covered them all in some way, but maybe not). Try a simple single-domain backup, and see if it still complains.

Is so, can you send me a small backup file that causes this error? It's probably just a type we don't recognize, and might only need small changes to work. Me and Jamie can spend a little time with it to see.


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Wed, 10/26/2005 - 03:22

I just emailed you the file from my Yahoo Account.

Tue, 11/15/2005 - 11:37

Is this problem still current? I seem to be having the same thing. I'm migrating from cPanel 10.8.1 R30 into virtualmin pro EA2a.
I'm just going into each domain from WHM and selecting 'Backup->Generate/Download a Full Backup'. cPanel produces a *.tar.gz file which it then copies ok to my new server, along with the confirmation email. The backup file is generated by 'pkgacct version 4.1' according to the mail.
Attempting to migrate it gives the message 'Failed to migrate virtual server : Not a cPanel daily or home directory backup file' as above.

Any thoughts welcome.

Wed, 11/16/2005 - 04:22


I am still waiting for an Update to the Virtualmin Script.

Jamie has commented in the bug tracker that this issue has been resolved in the next version that comes out.


Wed, 11/16/2005 - 05:59

Hi Faisal,

Thanks for the update. I looked in the open bugs and didn't see anything but there it was, nestling in resolved...



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