host name not recognized as fully qualified

IN a forum post Joe Cooper said it would be fixed last December.

My installation was stopped dead. Just bought it today.
Very disappointing.

My machine is In SUSE 9.3 you must enter the host name in one box "ns1" and the domain in the other "". There is no way to fake anything to try something else. Can't input the whole name under the host box (will not allow periods). is a registered domain name. ns1 is listed as one of the domain servers. An outside verification service verifies that everything is fully functional and correct. ns1 is fully operational.

here is the URL for the report

So, by all definitions I see, the "ns1" is a fully qualified host...

Ps it only says "ns1" in the message... is it NOT picking up the " If so, how do I fix this?

John Youstin

Closed (fixed)