Unable to unassign modules from webmin modules left pane for users logged in virtualmin

I have been struggling with this for some hours, and i think i went to any possible place i could remember related to this configuration. I searched documentation also but i could not find something for this.

It's been several years since i have configured webmin modules to be shown when users login to their virtual server.

Along with virtualmin settings a left pane submenu webmin modules exist that shows modules like Change Language and Theme, Java File Manager, Protected Web Directories, Upload and Download etc.

I cannot find where to unset these modules or set others. Places I searched are: Virtualmin / System Settings / Features and plugins. (They do not show up there) Virtualmin / System Settings / Account Plans. (They do not show up there either) Webmin / Webmin configuration. (i searched everything but i cannot find something like available modules like Usermin configuration has.)

I found the corresponding place for Usermin (Usermin / Available Modules) but i need the one for webmin/virtualmin login.

Can you point me where these modules are configured to be shown? For instance I would like to disable Java File Manager and other stuff and enable Filemin.



Howdy -- are you perhaps looking for System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Administrator's Webmin Modules?

That option is the last one of the dropdown box, and you may actually have to scroll down in order to see it.

Let us know if that does what you're after!

Yes. This is the one i was looking for.

Sorry for the trivial request. But after a couple of hours searching, i was kind of lost in all the settings. I thought i searched everywhere related, but i missed that.

Thank you!