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#1 Wed, 01/13/2016 - 09:02

Landing page after login

Sure it's staring me in the face but can't figure how to change the landing page after login to show my mail box? It currently lands on the sysinfo page with the new theme.

Wed, 01/13/2016 - 23:32


Hmm, just to verify -- when logging into Usermin on port 20000, you're seeing the sysinfo page when you first log in?


Wed, 01/13/2016 - 23:43
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This is an Ilia question, and I think I've talked with him about it in the past. I'm pretty sure there's an option, but Inbox should always be the default in Usermin, I think. Certainly on a Virtualmin system. may be that we'd decided that we would update it in the Virtualmin base install package, and I forgot to do that. OK, this might be my bug. But, I can't remember if Ilia told me how to set it, so I can't tell you.

I'll ask Ilia to chime in here.


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Thu, 01/14/2016 - 02:31
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@cyrus Do you have default page after login set to Mail, right? (in theme settings Webmin->Webmin Configuration->Themes). If so, I agree that even though you have it set to Mail it's not going to inbox.

I will fix it upon next release.

Thanks for pointing out.


Thu, 01/14/2016 - 08:48

No, it wasn't set to 'Mail' and I did so. However, even after that and logging into Usermin I still land on the System Information page.

Thanks, will wait for your next release :)

Thu, 01/14/2016 - 09:01

After setting the default page to 'Mail' I am now getting email alerts on page and login access. Is that your intention? How do I turn the email alerts off??

Thu, 01/14/2016 - 12:55

Thanks, I realise it's under notifications for login page access :)

Sun, 01/17/2016 - 06:59
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Alright, I made all necessary fixes and version 17.50 will have it all working fine.

Note, that you can setup default module to goto after logging in to Usermin in Webmin->Usermin Configuration->User Interface.

Thanks for reporting on this bug.


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