SSH no longer an option in new user login access

used to go into System Customization/Custom Shells and enable bash for Email, FTP and SSH and set it to default, clearing the default for whatever other shell might be enabled for admin. I provisioned a new system recently and did the same thing version on 4.18.gpl. But the dropdown box for Other User Permissions includes Email only, Email and FTP, and Email and SCP. No SSH access.

Files previously uploaded

If you select scp, the password file include /usr/bin/scponly in the login shell field. Changing this field to /bin/bash causes it to work, sort of.



Are you trying to change the shell for a domain owner, or a mailbox user?

mailbox user/ssh login

And when you edit a mailbox user, are you logging in as root or as a domain owner?

I have a number (about 8 or 10) virtualmin instances on multiple servers that work fine and I always log in as root. Never as the domain user, well almost never.

Any chance I could login to that system to see what is going wrong?