Reseller not able to access database for a domain

Hi We have a reseller set up on Virtualmin, they have had no problems with their servers, being able to access all their databases etc. However we recently imported a site from a cpanel backup. The site came accross fine, but for just this one site they can not access the database through virtualmin. It does not show in the left panel as an option. However when we login as super user we can see it and access it. The cpanel user name was longer than the mysql user name I was wondering if this would be an issue? Any ideas how we can get it to show in their account.



Does the domain itself not show up in the left menu, or just the link to edit it's databases?

The domain shows but the database link does not. But we have enabled databases under the reseller account.

Are you running the latest version of Virtualmin there?

We are running Webmin 1.740 it does ask us do we wish to upgrade to 1.760

You should upgrade (and also upgrade the Virtualmin package if prompted).

We plan to do this tonight will let you know how it goes.

After the update some of the features became available, but the client said:


I can now access the MySQL Database Server through webmin and it brings up all the database tables so that I can now edit them.

The main menu Virtualmin is still missing the edit database and install scripts options. This is when we log in to the individual site with its own username and password.

I have noticed that in our main log in to view all our sites these options are now there.


How would I go about enabling an individual site login the database and scripts link.

These might be disabled by domain owner permissions settings - try going to Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits.