Backup with remote upload move .info and .dom files leaving only .gz files


I have setup a remote ftp space for offsite backup, I noticed that the backup is done OK on both locations but locally there is no .info and .dom files which is generated after backup is finished.

when I browse the remote ftp I found them there.

I think this is a bug.



Closed (fixed)


Do you mean that .dom and .info files are only created when doing a remote FTP backup, but not when backing up locally?

Hello Jamie,

No, what I mean is the every domain backed up should have 3 files (xxxx.tar.gz xxxx.dom), however, when I made the backup do an upload to a remote sftp space I own it upload the files but the local copy (on the server) is missing 2 files ( xxxx.dom) and only the gzipped file (xxxx.tar.gz) in the local backup dir.

If the backup is done only on local drive, all the files are there.

I hope it is clear :)



So you have a single backup setup in Virtualmin to write to two destinations?

I wasn't able to re-produce this in tests unfortunately...

Are you backing up to a single file, or one file per domain?

Does the local directory actually have a $ in the path?

Yes it has $ in the path

and it is backing up normally, but after setting up a remote ssh destination it just backup to the remote all files and just keep gz in the local drive

Was this backup created by root, or by a domain owner? Because different permissions apply for file creation ..

Unfortunately I'm not able to re-produce this issue on a test system, or see how it could happen by looking at the Virtualmin code :-(

I have tested it on 3 servers with the same issue.

maybe you didn't use ssh server as remote backup, I used ssh with key (no password).

I'll try it with a server I didn't use remote backup with password and without password (key auth) and let you know

I confirm this issue on a new server I have using ssh server as a remote backup (with password and key).

it upload all backup files while keeping only compressed files on local drive

Note: I can give you access to the server to see it yourself


i'll send u email soon :)

email sent with all the details

Thanks - taking a look now.

Ok, I see the bug that causes this now - a fix will be included in the next Virtualmin release.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.