[not an issue] Thank You for a Great Product

Yeah, okay, so really shouldn't be posting this in a ticket system. But I wanted to make sure you guys didn't miss this. I've been using Virtualmin for a few years now, and this is the first year that I could justify finally purchasing it. I'm no web hosting company, not even a business. Just doing this to learn and for the fun of it, since I decided to bring all of my e-mail, web services, etc. under one dedicated server. I really liked cPanel, thought Plesk was way too expensive (and didn't like it all that much), and then of course started using this when I needed to save money.

Virtualmin/Webmin has always been consistent, easy to use, and clean. I really like its speed, and the fact it's quite extensible and has a lot of documentation and community support. Hopefully it doesn't go away...I've been reading on your forums that use is up, while sales are down. I wanted to support you guys, so that's why I finally took the plunge on purchasing Virtualmin (the sale did help :)

I have to say, your support is quite fantastic...but I do agree with others in that your licensing scheme could better profit you if you charged more for a license that solely relied on the number of domains rather than per-server licensing AND number of domains. I guess you could keep the per-server licensing too...maybe just more flexible options. And marketing helps too :) a little "Buy Pro" sticker somewhere in the GPL version wouldn't hurt.

Anyway, just wanted to say "keep up the good work", thank you for your great support and for answering all of my questions, and if there's any other ways we (as a community) can support you, let us know.

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Howdy -- thanks for your comments, and your support! Also, it's no problem to post things like that here in the support tracker.

We'll be discussing the licensing ideas you mentioned, that's definitely something we'll be considering.